How fast can Data run?

Your business is based on data.
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We are a small privately owned business, located in Bucharest, Romania, the biggest South East European technology hub, and we provide expert database consultancy services, including architecture design, implementation, migration, support, troubleshooting and training, with focus on Oracle and SQL Server database products.

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Discover the essential services that we can provide for the smooth running of your business's core.

Database Support

Get database support services for your data stores, including architecture design, implementation, support, troubleshooting and automation.

Database migration

Data run best in special designed environments. Migration services allows you to move the data to the best technology. There are included also patching and upgrade services mainly for Oracle databases, but also for other db systems.

On-demand Training

Tailored SQL and database related trainings created for your teams requirements, covering all from basic architecture view to expert implementation knowledge.


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  • Drumul Valea Danului 27, Bucharest, Romania